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Woody Hammerstein

Woody is 23 and is currently working to qualify as a lawyer. We know that he lives somewhere on the East side and that he works Downtown but to be honest we don’t know a lot more about him. He rarely attends our get togethers but does send in quite a lot of work. If you want to hear more of Woody’s stuff then please contact us via the S O N Y website and we will list some more on our next site.

Starlight over SoHo

Starlight over SoHo
Sunrise over Queens
Tales of the City
Tales of our dreams
Watch the sunlight spreading
Over all the land
Watch the hope that’s rising
Held in your two hands.

Moonrise over Brooklyn
Sunset over Park
Tales of the City
Tales of the dark
Watch the shadows fading
At the coming of the day
Watch the last hopes fading
See them fade away

Hopes loves tears fears
Settle all around
Like snowflakes falling
On the frosty ground
Tales of the City
Live on in us all
They’re our deepest secret
Buried in our souls.


Sometimes I feel
Like a fish in a tree
Sometimes I feel
That you don’t love me
Sometimes I feel
You don’t love me at all
But I remember
You’ll come when I call

Sometimes I can’t
See my way out
Sometimes I feel
Confused and in doubt
Sometimes I know
The pride and the fall
But I remember
You’ll come when I call.

Someday the world
Is cruel to me
Sometimes I think
That I am not free
Sometimes I know
That I’m gonna fall
But I remember
You’ll come when I call.

Sometimes I fear
What the day has ahead
Sometimes I think
I’d be better off dead
Most times I know
I’ve got it all
Always I remember
I’ll come when you call.

Georgian Times

Back in the Court of the Crimson Queen
Those who laughed were never seen
Those who fought and went to war
On their return were given more
In that Court of blood and steel
No one asked if it was real
Theirs but to do and die
Ours but to ask why.

Back in the Court of the Crimson King
People lied about everything
No one knew just what was right
And so they argued day and night
In that Court of Hell and lies
No one looked into your eyes
All they knew was to obey
And try to live another day.

In the Court of the Idiot Son
Everyone lies to everyone
Truth is buried and falsehoods stand
Today in this accursed land
In that Court of Knaves and fools
None will every keep the rules
Excepting one which is never wrong
The Party must go on and on.

Living in the 4th Dimension

Living in the 4th dimension
Living outside my head
Living on the ceiling
Since I left your bed
Living in a sort of dream
Walking up on air
Living a sort of heaven
Only you and I can share.

Living in the 4th dimension
Living for tonight
Living just for your love
Can you make it right
Living for the present
Not living in the past
Girl you make my soul sing
I know it will last.

Living in the 4th dimension
Heaven hear my cry
Living just for your love
Never asking why
Living inside the rainbow
Glowing in the sun
First time I saw you
I knew you were the one.

Elvis would be spinning in his grave

If the King came back
Saw us today
He’d pack his bags
Just go away
Kids being told
How to behave
Elvis will be spinning
In his grave.

So if he came back
To Graceland’s door,
Would he be able
To take any more
Made up bands
And producers slaves
Elvis would be spinning
In his grave.

Where’s the soul
That sent them reeling
No rock and roll
No real feeling
Its all so pure
Its all so safe
Elvis would be spinning
In his grave.

If Elvis was spinning
In the ground
Heard the rubbish
He had found
Then we should think
And not obey
Stop Elvis spinning
In his grave.


In the middle was a circle
And the circle held a dream
And the dream was about
A girl who would be queen
But the circle was encased
In a lonely square
And look though it might
It couldn’t see her there
All around the circle
Were children and their toys
And when the people looked
They saw the lovely boys
Built around the square
In houses made of stone
Lived some other people
Who didn’t have a home
And these other people
Looked inwards and they saw
A happy healthy family
And so they went to war
And they fought their war
With stories and with pens
And the people of the circle
Thought they saw no end
So one lonely night
The girl who had the dream
Walked off into the night
And was never again seen.

Galileo’s Hampster

Galileo had a hampster
And the hampster’s name was Dan
He was a great comfort
To that scientific man
Round and round he’d run
Every night in his wheel
Which our hero had made
Of fine Toledo steel.

Often in the night
Our hero lay perplexed
But when he looked on Dan
He never could be vexed
He knew he had to fight
With that mighty Pope
But as long as he had Dan
He’d never give up hope.

Then came the awful night
The wheel it broke free
And Dan thought he’ climb
Galileo’s Poplar tree.
The tree was very big
And Dan was very small
And with the naked eye
No one could see at all.

So our hero had a think
And brought his telescope
He spotted Dan right away
He’d never given up hope
And watching from a bush
The grumpy Pontiff’s spies
So the power of the glass
And saw Dan never died.

The moral of this tale
Is plain for all to see
If you got a hampster
Never let it free
And if you know a Pope
Don’t you tax his mind
When it comes to science
Faith is always blind.

I’m gonna break

You took my love
You took my life
You took my love away
You took my calm
And made it strife
You took more than I could say
You took me good
You’re just a fake
But did you know
I’m gonna break.

You held my love
You held my life
You took my love away
You hold my life
In your hands
And threw it all away
You held me up
You are such a snake
But did you know
I’m gonna break.

You hurt me deep
You hurt me long
You hurt me everyday
You always seem
To hurt me
And now you’ve gone away
You hurt me good
You just take
But did you know
I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break.

Twinkletoes and Alistair

Twinkletoes and Alistair
Packed a picnic tea
Wrapped it in a chequered cloth
And set out for the sea
Where is the sea the dancer asked
But Al said “don’t ask me”
And so they walked into the night
Adventures for to seek.

Along the way they met a toad
As green as he could be
What’s in your chequered cloth he asked
The couple answered “tea”
At this the toad a Democratic gent
Said share your food with me
At this the hungry couple
Turned tail and off did flee.

Are politicians always cruel
Do Republicans know greed
The toad he chased them all the night
Until they reached the sea
Exhausted our heroes slumped
Believing they were free
But taxes and politician
Will never let you be.

The toad and a policeman
There for all to see
Arrested our two heroes
And confiscated tea
The moral of this story
Is plain for all to see
If you want to keep what you’ve got
Don’t let the politicians see.

Army of the Dead

I see the years
In the sightless eyes
Of the army of the dead
You say come and fight with you
But I’d rather live instead
I see them sleep in serried rows
Across Flanders rich dark earth
If history tells us anything
It’s death is earned at birth.

And so I see you take your gun
And march away from home
Led by the politicians
Who will leave you all alone
Alone to face your death throes
Frightened and afraid
Deserted by your officer
Spat on by your mates.

If history tells us anything
Its learn to disbelieve
All politicians tell these lies
They fill their moments needs
And so keep the strength my son
Earned by your families blood
No politician comes for us
Live long and do good.

Ron and Maggie

Hell is in Jersey
The Devil lives in Queens
I live between them
But oh what scary fiends
Angels live on the East Side
And God stays in the sky
In wonder why they live there
When I know that they can fly.

Ronnie lived near L.A.
Nancy lived there to
Maggie lived in Fulham
Oh what should she do
For Dennis lay between them
Like a statue in a bed
Why didn’t Dennis fancy Nancy
And go lie there instead.

The Devil came to Maggie’s aid
Moved Dennis to K L
Sent Nancy off to Brisbane
The lovers wished them well
In a studio up in Harlem
The leaders of the world
Adjourned to their single bed
And in their love entwined.

But the Devil isn’t loving
And hell is never kind
And that night a camera lens
Poked through their window blind
What of the mighty CIA
Where were the MI5
If the pics got to the papers
They’d eat them both alive.

What shall we do our heroes cried
Alas alack we’re done
A higher source could help them
And covered up their buns
The man from the sky flew down
Upturned the snappers ladder
Ron and Maggie were dumbfound
The Devil just got madder.

The moral of this tale you see
Is like the horns on the Devils head
If you want to lead a good life
You must keep to your own bed
The Devil went back to Jersey
Took his holidays by the sea
And left the world to other
Like Maggie Ron and me.

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