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Gerry Cohen

Gerry seems to live in the 1930’s. He dresses like someone out of an English play by Noel Coward. He lives on the Upper West side with his folks who might be described as being pretty wealthy.
One of our most regular contributors Gerry is nothing if not prolific. For every song that we publish here, he has another two or three that we just couldn’t find room for.

If you like Gerry’s stuff and want to see more of it, please E-mail us via the S O N Y website

Follow Me

Follow me
Follow you
Come to me
Go to you
Follow where I can see
Follow me
Follow me.

Follow you
Follow me
Come to you
Come to me
There is nothing I can do
Follow you
Follow you.

Follow me
Follow me
Come to me
Can’t you see
I love you endlessly
Follow me
Follow me.

Follow you
Follow you
Something new
I live my life to follow you
Follow you
Follow you
Follow you
Follow you

What a time it was

Oh what a time
A time for laughing
A time for crying
A time for loving
A time for dying
Oh what a time.

What a day it was
Oh what a day
A day for coming
A day for going
A day for loving
A day for knowing
Oh what a day

Oh what a night it was
Oh what a night
A night for touching
A night for feeling
A night for seeing
A night for healing
Oh what a night

For you

For you
I will climb the highest hill
For you
I’ll keep on you know I will
For you
When night comes I’ll be your light
For you
I’ll hold you all through the night
Oh you
You you you
For you.

With you
Heaven opens up its doors
With you
I will always need some more
With you
Be with me at journey’s end
With you
I will always have a friend
Oh you
You you you
For you.

And you
Lighten up all my days
And you
Love me in so many ways
And you
Walk with me to setting sun
And you
Stay with me when life is done
Oh you
You you you
For you

Without you

I see the tears
Hang in the trees
I hear the lies
Fly on the breezed
I turn and see
Your smiling face
And want to be
In another place


Without you
Oh oh
Without you.

I called your name
Got no reply
You left me
To sit and cry
I turn and see
The love I know
But now you know
It isn’t you.

You look at me
As if to say
How is it that
You’ve gone away
You see me now
That you’re alone
And my heart now
Has turned to stone.

A story

Let me tell you a story ‘bout me
About the times I cried
Lonely were the nights
Sometimes I nearly died
Couldn’t see trees for wood
Couldn’t learn to slow down
But you you showed me good
Showed me I was found.


But love never comes easy
Sometimes it doesn’t come at all
But if you should ever need me
I’ll listen for your call.

One day I hope you’ll see me
Spot me in the crowd
Take my face and kiss me
Call my name out loud
Till then I’ll be waiting
Like god within the ground
Always hoping always waiting
Waiting to be found.


I wished upon a falling star
And wished I knew where you are
I wished upon a falling dream
And wished no one could hear me scream.

I wished upon the falling rain
And wished that I felt no pain
I wished upon the falling night
That would end up quite alright.

I wished upon the falling leaves
I wished that I should never grieve
I wished upon the love that died
That you and I had never lied.

I wished I wished for something new
I wished I wished for only you
I wished upon my dying breath
I wished until I had nothing left.

Until the day

The light slips slowly
Through yellow curtains
The day treads gently
Into our play
I see you smiling
And you say softly
It wont be long love
Until the day.

Your father is waiting
Your mother she cries
Your shell you are breaking
By telling them lies
But my need is greater
Hear me when I say
It wont be long love
Until the day.

Come with me tomorrow
And leave your today
Trust me completely
Hear what I say
Your life is my love
I wont throw it away
It wont be long love
Until the day.

Don’t call me

You don’t give me no respect
You don’t give to me at all
Now you hear I wont take this
Wont take this thing at all
You think ‘cos I aint like you
That you can break me like a kid
You can think what you want
But don’t call me stupid.

You think you’re so high and fine
You think I’m not your kind
But brother you just crossed the line
So have you lost your mind?
Just because you know long words
Don’t mean I aint bright
In the cold light of day I know
Its me you need at night.

Last night I dreamt of Denver

Last night I dreamt of Denver
The mountains and the trees
The house and the valleys
The Rockies on the breeze
Last night I dreamt of you again
Can’t get you from my head
Can’t quite forget the pain
Since you left my bed.

Last night I watched the moon rise
Over the bare trees
I remembered the old times
Painful memories
Last night you came to me again
All night in my dreams
Happy smiling faces
Happy smiling scenes

Last night my eyes were swollen
I’ve cried too many tears
My pillow is my only friend
But I still feel the fears
Last night I remembered
For the thousandth time
That you had gone forever
And you were not mine

And then you came along

And then you came along
Made everything right
Yes you came along
And stayed all night.


I can’t say
When it went away
All I know
Was I wasn’t strong
All I did
Was hang around
Every day
You weren’t around

You didn’t know
I needed you
You didn’t care
That I loved you
All you saw
Was a naked man
And you took him
By the hand.

Was sinkin’ down
The old black dog
Was sniffin’ round
Could not see
Past my door
Don’t know if
I could take more.

Now my days
Are turned around
Got my feet
On solid ground
You’re the one
Saved by skin
You’re the one
Know where I’ve been.

A better place

I’m always looking
But I don’t find
A place where I
Have peace of mind
A place where I
Can rest in calm
A place where
Wont come to harm.


A better place
Oh oh
A better place
Where you and me
Can both walk free
A better place.

And so I look
Under the sun
Beneath the moon
I’m on the run
I look and look
But I am blind
If I can’t see
Then I can’t fine.

And now the sands
Of time run fast
I’m fading now
And I can’t last
Help me help me
To find my place
And shine your love
Upon my face.

That’s the way

That’s the way
That’s the way it is for me
That’s the way
Oh, can’t you see
That’s the way
I love you and you love me
That’s the way
That’s the way its gonna be

That’s the way
That’s the way to happiness
That the way
I’ll never give you less
That’s the way
Just hold me to your breast
That’s the way
That’s the way that’s the best.

That’s the way
That’s the way it will go on
That’s the way
Nothing can go wrong
That’s the way
I’ll love you all life long
That’s the way
We’ll go on and on


Body to body
Heart to heart
Turn out the light
Let it all start
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
Come to me
I want you all

Heart to heart
Leg to thigh
Stay right here
Don’t say goodbye
Soul to soul
Face to face
No one can
Take your place.

Face to face
Eye to eye
Eyes like yours
Should never cry
Arm in arm
Heart in hand
We can see the promised land.

Shelter from the storm

Come to me when your heart is broken
Come to me when your dream dies
Come to me when no doors are open
Come to me when she lies
Come to me and I’ll heal your sorrow
Come to me and I’ll keep you warm
Come to and I will love you
I will give you shelter from the storm.

Come to me each morning
Come to me each new day
Come to me I will love you
Come to me and you will stay
Come to me I’ll always love you
Come to me and make your home
Come to me my precious lover
I will give you shelter from the storm.

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