Songwriters Of New York




 Jack Scarfe

What can we say about Jack. He is one of older members at 24. He lives at White Plains and was born in New York.

We don’t know that much about Jack. He keeps himself to himself and doesn’t often mix with the others in the group. We do however know that at one time he was going to enter the Catholic church. Perhaps you will see some of this reflected in the songs. There is obviously a lot of anger here as well as some very beautiful songs. See what you think.

Die Another Day.

You treat me like an old friend
You always kiss my face.
But I see in your eyes
The shadow of another place.
A place where I am not welcome
A place where I can’t stay
And all I keep on thinking
Is I’ll live another day

I gave you all my life
You just took it all away
And all I could remember
Was I’ll die another day

I don’t know just what changed you
I can’t read your mind.
For all the truth I’m seeing
I might as well be blind.

Now you say you love me
But I’ve got to get away
I’ve got to keep believing
I’ll die another day.

Walk to the Dawn

Heads held high
You and I
Hand in hand
Do or die
Don’t look back
Don’t look down
When we’re walking
To the dawn.

Across the sand
Walking west
You and I
We’re the best
I’m with you
We’re not alone
When we’re walking
To the dawn.

All our days
Til end of time
I’ll be yours
You’ll be mine
They can see
How love grows
When we’re walking
To the dawn


I’m John’ he said
I never died
I never left
Though nations cried
I’m always here
How could I go
Here I’ll stay
Where they love me so.

I’m Martin he said
I wasn’t shot
I live on
The hate does not
I’m always here
Won’t go away
Its hate that died
That sorry day.

I’m Jack he said
I can’t die
Though people mourn
You shouldn’t cry
I’m always here
See, its true,
Always here
Always with you.

I’m me I say
Here I am
Just another
Little man
One day I’ll die
Just fade away
Remember me
Each new day.

Janis is Sleeping

Janis is sleeping
Beneath the ground
Quiet now
Don’t make a sound
Those that God loves
He takes young
The rest of us
Just keep on

Jimmi lies sleeping
Beneath the soil
He doesn’t have to
Work or toil
Those that God loves
He takes young
The rest of us
Just keep on

Gram lies sleeping
Beneath the sod
He doesn’t need
To search for God
Those that God loves
He takes young
The rest of us
Just keep on

Karen lies sleeping
Let her sleep
Those that are left
Can only weep
Those that God loves
He takes young
The rest of us
Just keep on

So many lie sleeping
But we go on
We’ll remember them
In their songs
Those that God loves
He takes young
The rest of us
Just keep on

Days of Cake and Ale

My life is passing by my eyes
The summer’s come and gone
And all the people that I knew
Now sing another song.
So tell me now here today
Why has my life gone stale
Where did they go the sunny days
The days of cake and ale.

The friends I had are all now passed
Like ripples in a stream
And all the plans I once tasked
Are vanished like a dream.
You stand before me and you ask
What regrets have I
But how can you understand
I live my life a lie.

So where you ask are the dreams
That squandered my young years
And what I would want to say
Is drowned in my own tears
I once found love too early yet
I had not learnt to fail
And all that I once held dear
Went like cakes and ale.

Cakes and ale cakes and ale
The days were filled with fun
Where are they now my old friends
You say they’re dead and gone.
You look at me with pitied eye
For I loved to no avail
But I did see the prize
In the days of cake and ale


We will meet again one day
On a far and distant shore
Don’t think that because I’m gone
I won’t see you anymore
Although we won’t touch again
Til the night time turns to day
The love we held within us
Will never go away.

Hold on to thoughts of me
My dreams are all for you
Although I’ve crossed the endless sea
These words I speak are true
Like drifting yacht I slipped away
And vanished in the mist
But I am beside you always
Can you still feel our kiss.

And time will come to heal your heart
Like the stream smoothes the stone
If you will just remember me
You will never be alone.
And so with friends gone before
I watch you and I wait
And when the time comes at last
I’ll be waiting at your gate.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

And so we walk
Through shattered scenes
The poisoned talk
And silent screams
We walk the walk
As dead men do
And so like I
They walk from you

And all night long
We live the scenes
Whilst folks walk along
Boulevards of broken dreams

And through our lives
When times get bad
Think back to those
Good times we had
The sunshine days
Impassioned nights
And gardens of
Life’s sweet delights

So fades the light
So fades my dream
So fades the love
That might have been
So fades my life
An empty space
So fades the image
Of your sweet face.

I won’t pass this way again

I won’t pass this way again
Let me help you with your pain
I see the tears are in your eyes
I see your heart is hurt by lies
Let me help you through the day
Just one hour, I can’t stay
Try to put your trust in me
Love me now and set us free

I won’t pass this way again
Let my love help keep you sane
Let me shelter you from harm
Feel the strength in my right arm
Feel that which bonds us to
Feel the good that love can do
Try to put your trust in me
Love me now and set us free.

Brother sun and sister moon

Brother sun and sister moon
Hear my words and answer soon
Spirits of the earth and sky
Will you ever tell me why
All my ancestors long gone
Tell me where it all went wrong
Love it seems had to die
All I need is to know why

Father sea and mother land
Will you take me by the hand
Show me things I cannot see
Hear my words and talk to me
Spirits of the field and fen
Will you ever tell me when
Love will come
With whom, and when

The big sleep

The big sleep
Takes my dreams tonight
And makes them real
Makes them right
And once again
You walk with me
Young and strong
Proud and free


But I know that you’ve gone away
Never to come home
And I know I’m here to stay
Spend my nights alone

The big sleep
Whispers in my ear
Soft and low
Cool and clear
And once again
I hear your laugh
But you took
Another path

The big sleep
Comes to those who wait
Always comes
Often late
The big sleep
Took your soul away
Another death
Another day

What good am I

What good am I
An empty shell
A soul that’s lost
A soul in hell
What can I do
What can I say
And how could I
Get you to stay

What good am I
My life is through
Can I go on
Without you
What use am I
A broken man
My life just slipped
Through your hands

What can I do
With all my days
My life is through
A dying phase
How can I live
Another day
When the one who gave
Has gone away

And the world keeps on turning

Every day
Another life snuffed out
Come what may
I cant work it out
But one day
I will be let out
And the world keeps on turning

You and me
Walk the long mile alone
Are we free
Can we ever go home
We can see
What hasn’t ever been shown
And the world keeps on turning

One more night
Just hold on to me
No more fights
This is how it ought to be
Just relax
Set our spirits free
And the world keeps on turning

The river runs deep

The river runs deep
The river runs wide
The river runs smooth
With you by my side
The river of sadness
Don’t run no more
The river of hope
Runs by my door

The river runs fast
The river runs strong
The river runs my way
When you are along
The river of despair
Don’t run no more
The river of hope
Runs by my door

The river runs here
The river runs there
The river runs anywhere
When you’ve got a prayer
The river of light
Runs through my heart
When I’m with you
The bad times don’t start


The prophets came
The prophets saw
The prophets looked
The prophets go
And when they came
What did they see
They saw a god
Like you and me

The prophets called
The prophets prayed
The people came
The people stayed
And when they saw
They thought they knew
The face of god
Looked just like you

The prophets wailed
The prophets cried
The people saw
Their dreams had died
And when it passed
They all were glad
For they all knew
Prophets are mad

The cross

I don’t want to be here anymore
The man on the cross said to me
I don’t want to die alone
Nailed down with these thieves
I don’t know what went wrong
I never did hurt a soul
Now I’m crucified and dying
Looks like I blew it all

There was a time they loved me
People cried out for my touch
Women would fall before me
It was all getting too much
They thought that I could cure death
And turn the water into wine
Now that I have nothing left
I have nothing to call mine

Now I wait to leave this place
Please don’t mock my tears
When I’m gone I’ll leave no trace
But I will lose all my fears
All the loves and all the dreams
That the people gave to me
I cant see what it all means
Did anyone get free?


Death is long
For you and I
But life is short
My butterfly
Take each day
For what its worth
Pretty soon
We’re in the earth

Life is short
For you and I
But death is long
My butterfly
Fly with me
Into the night
Fly with me
It’ll be alright

Life is short
But love is strong
Death’s an end
Before too long
Come with me
My butterfly
Lets make love
Before we die

Death is long
My butterfly
Leave me now
Before we die
I love you
For all my days
Share with me
Your butterfly days

Hold me Jesus

Hold me Jesus
Hold me tightly
Hold me in your loves embrace
Hold me today
Hold me forever
Let me look into your face

Hold me Jesus
Hold my wishes
Hold them though all my days
Hold me softly
Hold me tightly
Let me see the true pathways

Hold me Jesus
Hold my lifetime
Help me now to see the light
Hold me Jesus
Hold me gently
Let me know just what is right

Hold me Jesus
Hold me always
For you know how weak I am
Hold me Jesus
Hold me forever
I am just another man

Come one Come all

Come one
Come all
Its time to fall
Take your first big sin
Come all
Come one
It’ll be fun
To drink that gin

Come now
Come here
Do not fear
For I’m not Satan’s man
Come on
Come by
Don’t ask why
In the sweet forbidden land

Come here
Come on
Don’t be long
Your life has just begun
Come soon
Come fast
For it wont last
Be young and have some fun

Brand new day

Has it all gone too far
Can it go back again
I don’t wanna be right here
I don’t wanna feel the pain
Resurrection never comes
Hurt never goes away
I would give years of life
To see a brand new day

Where did it all go wrong
Did I ever had it all
All I hear is sweet sad songs
Like leaves in the Fall
Did I ever know your love
Did you ever mean to stay
I dream of you at nights
In my brand new day

And now the day subsides
Like the sun into the sea
And I’m left alone
A great big void and me
I know that you have gone
You packed and went away
To re start your life
In your brand new day

Turn your face to the wall

Turn your face to the wall
You know what to do
Turn your face to the wall
You know that I want you
Turn your face to the wall
We’ll do it here and now
Turn your face to the wall
Let me show you how

Turn your back to the wall
Look me in the eye
Turn your back to the wall
Don’t tell me no lies
Turn your back to the wall
This is where it starts
Turn your back to the wall
I want your body not your heart

Go and kneel right down
You know what I need
Go and kneel right down
I’ve a hunger you can feed
Go and kneel right down
Play the tiger and the snake
Go and kneel right down
I’ve got needs that you can slake

Go and get on high
Feel the power grow
Go and get on high
No one will ever know
Go and get on high
And finish what you start
Go and get on high
Take my body and my heart

Going to set my spirit free

Tomorrow I go
To the old E chair
I didn’t do it
It just ain’t fair
But sparky’s got
A date for me
Going to set
My spirit free

Tomorrow I go
Tomorrow I die
All because
You told a lie
One phone call
Can set me free
Please don’t let
Them kill me

I watch the light
Of my last day
Slowly rise
Wont go away
Here they come
Deaths best friends
Come to take me
To my end
Cos Sparkys got
A date for me
Going to set
My spirit free

You’ll miss me when I’m dead

It was deep dark December the day that you told me
The day that you told me that you loved someone else
The pond it was hard, the path it was icy
But my heart was bleeding inspite of myself
How could you deceive me my only lover
How could you cheat me in my own bed
And now there’s just one thing to tell you
Girl you’ll miss me when I’m dead

I know that I should have looked after you better
I know that I should have taken more care
But girl how could I when I just love you
They always told me life wasn’t fair
And now I’m talking right outta my being
Ain’t gonna tell you no lies instead
You’ll never find another like me
Girl you’ll miss me when I’m dead

Kiss of death

Kiss of death
Took your life
Didn’t need
To use my knife
Kiss of life
I kept from you
Gave it to
Somebody new

Kiss of life
Kiss of death
Put myself
To the test
Didn’t need
The Judas kiss
To tell me
What I’d missed

Come to me
In the night
Come to me
Hold me tight
Feel my kiss
In your soul
Come to me
Give it all
Come to me
Give it all


Sometimes I walk
In the dead of the night
From my bed
Until daylight
But where I go
I cant say
I just know
Gotta get away

Sometimes I dream
That I’m not here
Sometimes I think
I know no fear
Sometimes I cross
To the other shore
But when I wake
I know no more

Sometimes the night
It hides from me
All the things
I want to see
Sometimes I see
Through childhoods eyes
Just what I am
And all the lies

Sometimes I laugh
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I wish
That I could die
Sometimes its hard
To keep on
Cause I know
The road is long

The other side of life

On the other side of life
The skies are always blue
But I never seem to get there
Now I’m without you
On the other side of yesterday
I was a happy man
The sun was always shining
In that happy land

On the other side of you
I never saw the rain
Days went by like dreams do
And I knew no pain
On the other side of clouds
I saw a clear blue sky
I never saw the mark
I never heard the lies

On the other side of me
Lies a sadder day
No light and no future
You took it all away
On the other side of never
I see no sign of light
Every day the same thing
Every day is now night

I have passed this door before

I have passed this door before
Seen the wreckage of the walls
The tawdry dirty sad old mess
That means we’ve lost it all

I have been this way before
Seen the wreckage of the dreams
Learnt from hard experience
That loves not always what it seems

I have seen these things before
Learnt to cry the bitter tears
Learnt to forget the pleasures
Learnt to expect the fears

I have travelled this path before
Seen both the good and the bad
Seen the nights through all alone
Learnt to expect the sad

I have said these things before
But have done them all again
I never seem to learn
I always get the pain

I was walking down the street one day

I was walking down the street one day
When who should I meet
I saw Isiah the prophet
Walking down the street
I said Hi there Issy
What you doin here
But he just smiled and he said
Don’t you have no fear

I went to the mini mart
And I saw Mary there
I watched for a minute
I couldn’t help but stare
I said Hi there Mary
Can I give you a hand
But she just smiled and she said
This is the promised land

I was mulling all this over
When I came out of the store
I’m sure that I saw Jesus
Coming through the door
I said Hi there Jesus
What’s this all about
And he just smiled and touched my hand
Said you can work it out

I got home to my lonely room
And as I walked right in
I saw God standing there
Mighty, tall and thin
I said Hi there God
But he just stroked my head
He didn’t need to say much
I’d worked out I was dead

Take my hand and come with me

Take my hand and come with me
Surrender like to sleep
Just step through the curtain
There’s no need to weep
Life is always changing
It has changed one last time
Now your cares are over
Now the tears are mine

You always walked beside me
Even when you were away
Now you’ve gone forever
And I must face the day
Time and tides are turning
Running through our hands
You have crossed the bridge
To the never never land

And my name is death

And my name is death
I came here as your friend
You didn’t see my coming
You didn’t know your end
I was waiting for my moment
To call you to my side
And now you’ve seen my face
It’s far too late to hide

And I have lived forever
Since the dawn of time
You thought you owned your world
But you were always mine
I came in many guises
In battlefield and in bed
There can only be one constant
When you see me your dead

I’ve walked with Julius Caesar
Held hands with many kings
And all they had in common
They didn’t know what I’d bring
So rest now and don’t worry
The worst has been and gone
All your passion is over
And now your sleep is long

Carrying a cross for me

I saw a man the other day
Carrying a cross for me
Where he came from I can’t say
But his future I could see
He carried a cross along a lane
Carried that cross for me
And all the things left undone
He carried away from me

I saw the man again last night
Carrying a cross for me
In my room and in the dawns new light
But his face I could not see
He stood and smiled and walked away
Carrying my cross for me
And I will follow him one day
When my spirit is set free

Can you see him standing there
Carrying a cross for you
You may meet him in a prayer
You know what he can do
And every day in every way
He’ll cushion your every fall
Where is he now, is he away
No he lives inside us all

Angels circle round my head

Angels circle round my head
More attend my toe
There’s just one thing I ought to say
I don’t want to go

The angel with the wings of death
Withdraws his dreadful knife
Do you think he doesn’t know
I don’t want to leave this life

The angel with his record book
Writes down in words of flame
Do you think that I should say
Don’t write down my name

The moving hand has gone and writ
My name upon the wall
Perhaps I ought to tell it
I don’t want it there at all

And now I have a problem
Its causing me much strife
The angel seems to want me dead
But I wont give up this life

Across the great divide

Only the dead can know
How I loved you so
Across the great divide
They’ll see it in my eyes

Only the blind can see
What you mean to me
They hear it in the sky
But they cant see why

Only the deaf can hear
The falling of my tears
They taste the salty kiss
Know how I came to this

Only the old can know
How I loved you so
Across the great divide
They see it in my eyes

Memphis Belle

You said you’d take me anywhere
You said you’d treat me well
You never said anything
About the road to Hell
But now its over and I am free
I don’t buy your hard sell
I don’t love you anymore
I curse the Memphis Belle

I stayed with you through thick and thin
You took me through the war
But I didn’t know back then
You were fighting’s whore
You said you’d look after me
Muffle my death knell
But I have loved you one last time
I curse the Memphis Belle

I came to you as just a boy
Green and short of years
But you took my youth away
Filled me with salt tears
So now I live away from you
And your story I will tell
I hate you and I hate the days
I spent with Memphis Belle

You only think I’m great cos I’m dead

You only think I’m great cos I’m dead
Before that you filled me with lead
Before I went and turned up my toes
You always looked at me down your nose

You only think I’m great cos I’m gone
Do you know that I’m not the only one
I never heard you make a sound
Until they put me in the ground

You only think I’m great cos I’m deceased
You never cared for me ‘til I ceased
Learnt to make fun out of you
Seemed like the right thing to do

You only think I’m great cos I’m late
When I lived you were never straight
The only thing I wanted outta you
Was respect for what I used to do

You only think I’m great cos I’m dead
I wish you’d been straight with me instead
Now you make money from my stuff
I might be dead but that’s not good enough

You only think your great cos your alive
But without me you could not survive
I’m the one who helps you the most
And I’m gonna get you with my ghost

The old moon

The old moon looks down on me
There’s nothing he’s not heard
Whilst we sit in the car
And we don’t say a word
The car, the moon, the dark, the lane,
After tonight wont be the same
Tonight I grow, I change, I cry
And learn to tell the biggest lie

Just lie lover lie
Give it another try
I wont ask you why
Just lie lover lie

And in the car the windows steam
The clothing drops just like a dream
And in my arms until the morn
I feel another world is borne
And all along I watch your eyes
Hear the words, repeat the lies
Tonight the secret is re told
And valued more than gems or gold

Last night

Last night in my dream
I heard you call my name
Whispered in my ear
Played our little game
Last night in my dream
You came to my bed
Smiled your little smile
Got inside my head
Last night in my dream
I forgot you had gone
Cried myself awake
Cried the whole night long

Last night in my heart
You broke a little more
Another treasured memory
Walking out the door
Last night in my heart
I loved you once again
Forgot all the heartache
Forgot all the pain
Last night in my heart
I felt the drip of blood
When hearts are broken
It don’t feel too good

Last night you came to me
Came back one more time
Its hard to forget
That you once were mine
Last night you came to me
So sweet and so calm
Its hard to believe
You could come to harm
But then I see your face
And look you in the eye
I ask you once again
Why you have to die

Death with a stranger

If I told you who I am
Would you still love me too
If you knew the truth ‘bout me
Would I still be with you
You thought I came to love you only
But you don’t know
I have to steal or I cant live
And now I have to go

For I’ve come to steal your money
Take your rings and go
Never trust love with a stranger
That your folks don’t know

When you wake up I’ll be gone
I’ll have gone away
With me goes all your money
I just couldn’t stay
Should have listened to your father
He saw right through me
Some folk meet death with a stranger
But you just met me

The dark night of the soul

You’ll miss me when I’m gone
When nights are cold and long
You’ll miss me just you see
That the future belongs to me

So hold my hand and walk this way
Don’t give away it all
I just want you to stay
Through the dark night of the soul

Where will you go at night
How will you know whats right
Take care whatever you do
Remember that I love you

I feel your spirit in the bed
The words you spoke fill my head
Too many times I’ve sat and cried
Too many times that you have lied

And now I search for other ways
Bitter nights and bitter days
But it is just a waste of time
In my heart you are still mine


Where once I stood there’s now a space
I cannot hear your call
I cannot see your well loved face
I have no power at all
But think of me from time to time
And let me warm your heart
Think of the things we used to do
Before we had to part

I didn’t want to leave you know
My place was by your side
But I live on in your heart
Your love became my pride
I wont kiss your lips again
Or smooth your tousled hair
But I am with you always
Believe that I am there

Bright shines the sun above my head
I’ve left the vale of tears
But I’ve not left you now I’m dead
And you should have no fears
I cannot hurt I cannot harm
But my love will live on
In you I loved so much you see
And love is never wrong

When death came to call

She thought she’d won
Every game
Thought she’d beat
Every pain
Left those fears
Behind her
Thought she’d got
Her fair share
But you know
She lost it all
She was at home
When death came to call

He knew he’d won
The long race
All the others
Gave up the chase
Richer far
Than everyone
Thought he’d play
With his little gun
He never knew
He lost it all
He was at home
When death came to call

So listen up
All you folks
Death just aint
Some guys talk
Death is here
Death is there
Death is just
‘bout everywhere
so be wise
don’t know it all
you’ll be at home
when death comes to call

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